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Results from our Survey about Tracfone and our Readers

A couple weeks back we created survey for your readers to adopt to assist us get yourself a better thought of who our readers were, what they're thinking about, and ways we can easily increase the TracfoneReviewer blog. We received over 260 responses within per week, and a lot of information.

We want to share a few of the more pertinent details through the survey with our readers as we found it worth it to read and thought you should. You'll be able to go back and find out the original post about the survey here, yet it's no more possible to take the survey.

We're going to begin by just looking at the first five questions in the survey, as they are more generalized.

Question 1 - How Long have you been Using Tracfone?

In the most important question of our survey we would have liked to secure a better concept of just how long people have owned Tracfone. I was quite surprised that almost all respondents to the survey (55%) was using Tracfone for six years or higher. Another 30% have used Tracfone for 3-5 years.

tracfone survey average customer
How Long Have You Been Using Tracfone?
Just 3% of respondents have owned Tracfone for just annually, while us to two possible conclusions:

Most readers on this blog are 'savvy' consumers and long-term Tracfone customers

Tracfone Isn't attracting many customers

We feel both statements could be partially true. Apparently America Movil, Tracfone's parent company, did lose almost 500, 000 subscribers in america through the first quarter of 2016 according to a write-up on FierceWireless. Tracfone and Safelink were where a large number of subscriber losses occurred, but America Movil also owns Straight talk wireless and many other prepaid cellular phone companies. Overall, America Movil has over 26 million users in the usa across almost all their MVNO brands.

So, while Tracfone hasn't had the top year thus far, we predict they do fine, and will be working to attract more new customers (hopefully with new and improved smartphones).

Question 2 - Why Do you use Tracfone?

To help you understand the most important thing to our readers, we asked, 'Why can you use Tracfone?'. The answers were fairly consistent with what we should expected, with more popular answer to be the affordable.

Check out the graph below for that full breakdown.

why use tracfone
Why do you Use Tracfone?

A number of the 'Other' responses included those who use Tracfone for multiple reasons, like low priced and occasional use.

With the majority of people choosing Tracfone due to low cost, we will need to wonder why Tracfone released the expensive Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S6. But perhaps they're just looking to attract the tiny segment of consumers who are able to devote to a top-end device, but nonetheless wish to use prepaid service.

It lets you do appear to be Tracfone will likely be releasing several new mid-level Android LG phones which will interest more customers.

Question 3 - What is your Biggest Complaint about Tracfone?

Tracfone is an inexpensive mobile phone carrier, and thus, they appear to scrimp with regards to specific things like customer support and quality. We see a good quantity of comments for the blog with assorted issues and thus we would have liked to get a better idea about what the most common complaints about Tracfone were.

Deficiency of Smartphone options was really the largest complaint, with poor customer support being released second. You can view the most notable four in the chart below.

tracfone complaints
Biggest Tracfone Complaint

We had arrived pleasantly surprised by the quantity of 'Other' answers which mostly contained people responding they didn't have any complaints about Tracfone.

The remainder 11% of our own survey respondents choose Difficulty with Phone, Roaming Issues, Airtime Lost/Stolen or BYOP Problems his or her biggest complaint.

Question 4 - Is your Tracfone Device your Primary Cell Phone?

tracfone survey
Primary vs Backup Phone from Tracfone
We sometimes see consumers who use Tracfone in the same way their backup or emergency phone, and never for everyday use. Therefore we were inquisitive about the amount of people use their Tracfone device being a primary phone versus an extra or backup.

As it turns out, nearly all respondents use Tracfone as his or her primary phone. About 23% reported that they put it to use being a backup.

As Tracfone continues to offer newer phones we suspect more will switch to using Tracfone as their primary device. However, for many who desire to make frequent calls or texts (or use data), using some kind of unlimited mobile phone plan makes better economical sense.

Question 5 - What Type of Phone do you Currently Use?

popular types of phones tracfone
Most Popular Type of Phone from Tracfone
We asked this about what type of phone customers currently use not merely because we had been curious, and also to assist us do a better job tailoring the content towers our readers.

We were somewhat surprised to view that 65% in our survey respondents use a smartphone from Tracfone. This certainly does make lots of sense, as Android phones from Tracfone offer a great deal of neat features (like Operating System) and there are plenty of great deals for buying phones and minutes bundled.

A practically equal variety of respondents use the non-smartphone from Tracfone or perhaps the Tracfone BYOP program.

This concludes our overview of the survey results. We might may create another post with analysis of some of the other questions later on. We should thank everyone who took part in our survey and helped give you the responses.

Were excited to keep to work at delivering information to the readers along with the survey results have previously helped.

Leave a comment below with any thoughts or questions you might have of course, if you're a novice to this web site take a peek around as we have numerous Tracfone related information.

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